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Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the many ways in which technology has transformed audiences and their preferred methods of information sharing today. For those savvy business owners who realize and adapt to this transformation, success is just around the corner. One of the key areas where tech advances have ushered in significant changes is business events. offers iPad rentals for businesses to use in their trade show, exhibition, seminar or any other event, ensuring that they can communicate effectively with the audience.

Who can Benefit from iPad Rentals?

Today’s audience needs to retrieve information easily, wants it presented in an attractive manner and requires that the information be easy to manipulate. Any event that values interacting and sharing information accurately and effectively can benefit from the latest iPad.

Whether you need to educate your customer base about your product or brand or you are canvassing the crowds at a trade show, an iPad allows you to showcase your business in the best possible way. iPads are becoming the norm at interactive meetings, sales presentations and product launch events. Need to do some labor intensive data collection? iPads can make the task simpler and far more time efficient.

Why is Renting is the Best Option?

Renting gives you some great advantages that impact your bottom line as well as your effectiveness at a business event:

  • Enjoy Maximum Flexibility – Interaction is the key to effective communication with your audience. However, interactive technology tools change at lightning speed. Our rental packages give you the flexibility to switch to the most recent technology for every event you host.
  • Save Money – Investing in interactive tools is not a viable solution today thanks to the constant changes that are taking place with technology. Rather than locking up your capital with investments in hardware, you can simply rent and make the best of the latest technology at realistic prices.
  • Greater Efficiency – The hassle of ensuring that your equipment is working flawlessly is no longer yours. Simply call us and we will ensure that you have exactly what you need at your venue, right on time. Make use of the latest technology without the associated anxieties regarding maintenance, testing, installation or troubleshooting.

A Range of iPads for Rent

We understand that our different clients may have widely differing needs. We offer a comprehensive range of iPads in our rental packages. We provide need state- of- art equipment for your high profile business presentation. If you are working within a limited budget, we can give you feature packed highly efficient and functional iPads at amazingly low rental costs. Call us for your iPad mini, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPar Air and 3G/ 4G and LTE devices and we will ensure you have them at your desired venue in time.

What Does a Rental Cost? offers the best prices on iPad rentals. Our rental prices for dependent upon several aspects:

  • Duration of the rental
  • Specifications/ model of the iPad you require
  • Number of iPads requested,
  • Need to be activated or Wi-Fi enabled.

We deliver to conference halls, hotels and other venues across all key locations in Canada, including Calgary, Brampton, Mississauga, Montreal, Oakville, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

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