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You can do much more when you pair iPads with accessories. They can improve usability, help you perform additional activities and enhance your iPad experience. Accessories come in handy during events, business conferences and product demonstrations

Choose from a Variety of iPad Accessories to Meet Your Technology Needs offers different types of iPad accessories to address different needs. Here is a look at the accessories you can rent:

Squares: The Square Card Reader has made credit card processing using an iPad super quick and convenient. Make the most of sales opportunities during company events with card readers. Rent this ready-to-use app along with your iPads for your next trade show or outdoor campaign!

iPad Keyboard

Keyboards: Apple keyboards make typing a breeze when you are taking continuous notes or preparing lengthy documents/emails. They give you the versatility of a laptop when you need it.

Stylus: As a touch-screen tablet, the iPad offers the convenience of tapping, dragging, typing and scrolling. Easy operation using nothing but your fingers is helpful but for drawing and design requirements, you will need a pen-like device like the Stylus. It is a great option that allows you to operate the touch display with precision.


Printers: iPad has extended its AirPrint printing utility and now supports major printer brands, including HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark, Fuji/Xerox and more. You can choose from a good selection of iPad-compatible printers.

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