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10 Ways to Put Rental iPads to Good Use at Your Next Event

It’s a very convenient tool for renting iPads for Events. These multi-purpose mobile devices can be delivered to the location where you need them, when you need them.

Managing event technology needs, especially when there are strict deadlines to meet and a large, diverse audience, can be stressful. Renting bulk iPads for an event is the perfect solution. You can rent iPad kiosks and accessories for conferences and events anywhere in the country.

Here are 10 ways to put rental iPads to good use at your next event.

Better Event Check-in & Registration

iPads are a great way to go paperless during event check-ins. Staff can choose one of many event registration apps that let guests sign in on iPads quickly and easily. A more hands-off approach would be to load a custom registration app on iPad kiosks or desk stands so that attendees can self-check-in.

Print Receipts, Badges & Labels

With the help of a mobile printer that can be used with iPads and other Apple devices, you can print badges for conference attendees, as well as receipts for orders written at trade shows, on demand.

Use a Giant iTab to Showcase Your App

The Giant iTab is a 42-inch touchscreen that looks and acts exactly like an iPad or iPhone. It’s perfect for demonstrating your app, facilitating training, capturing leads, playing games, accessing social media, helping attendees navigate within the venue and much more.

Plan Custom Kiosks for Lead Capture, Surveys and Fast Facts

iPad kiosks turn iPads into eye-catching user stations that are perfect for capturing attendee information and displaying content in key areas of the event. Put these promotional marketing tools to good use for registration, surveys, games and brochures; just a few of the ways to they can be used.

When it comes to conducting surveys, iPads are the very best tools for the job. They are small enough for a staffer to tuck under an arm or carry in a handbag and surveys can be conducted anywhere on the showroom floor. As well, iPads streamline what can often be a laborious procedure.

Often, the attendee-to-staffer ratio is too high to enable constant interaction. Informational stations offer a convenient way for visitors to learn fast facts by providing an exhibitor’s product and service information. An iPad lures people to scroll through it’s virtual pages with its seductive interface.

Attendees tend to gravitate towards them when they’re spotted on a trade show floor, so uploading lots of pertinent product and company information for them to peruse at their leisure is a great use for them.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

If you need a way to streamline sales at pop-up events across the country, iPad Point-of-Sale systems allow you to accept mobile payments anywhere. All you do is upload your inventory via the touchscreen or scanner and then use a magnetic card reader to accept credit card payments.

If you only need a simple setup, you can use a Square or PayPal card reader that fits into the audio jack of any iPad. Receipts can be printed on a mobile printer or emailed.

Include Live Audience Q & A and Slide-Sharing

Transform your company’s live meetings into dynamic experiences by incorporating slide-sharing, interactive poling and surveys into speaker presentations. It’s been shown that doing so drastically improves audience interaction and retention. Audience response software gives you post-event analytics, so you can keep learning and improving.

Go Paperless with a Mobile Event App

A mobile event app lets you go green and engage attendees by providing brochures, maps, social media and other event materials directly onto iPads. Creating a custom application to demonstrate your product or service on an iPad not only presents your company as tech savvy, but it also cuts the cost of shipping if you have expensive, heavy equipment to demonstrate.

Alternately, loading all event documents onto iPads as PDFs works great for less complex meetings.

Turn an iPad into an Instant Photo Booth

Padcaster turns an iPad into an instant photo booth. You can encourage social engagement by helping attendees remember their experiences with a video or photo from your booth. Padcaster is versatile and portable, making engaging event-goers easy.

Attract Visitors with Games

iPads, with their easy-to-use navigation and intuitive touchscreens, are something that most event visitors can pick up and use with little instruction. Because of that, they lend themselves quite nicely to interactive games and these in-booth activities can jumpstart participation, work as icebreakers and conversation starters and brand your booth as the “fun exhibit.”

Try an iPad Jeopardy Wall

An iPad Jeopardy wall uses magnetic, snap-into-place iPads. It’s a totally unique way to educate attendees on your industry, products and services. Offer booth attendees prizes for answering questions while they discover more about what you have to offer.

iPads are classy, cool and easily customizable with apps, accessories, content and branding. They’re incredibly versatile and perfect for any event you’re planning.