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Easy Steps to Clean an iPad

Easy Steps to Clean an iPad

An iPad is not just another expensive gadget. It is your symbol of pride, a device that you revel in possessing. And considering the extensive usage of the device, keeping it clean and looking as good as new can be tough indeed.

As an iPad user you probably know that cleaning the device is basically about cleaning its screen of all that dust, grime, grease and finger smudges that tend to stick to it after every use. Unless you’re careful about the cleaning process, you could well end up ruining the screen itself. With these few easy steps, however, you can keep your iPad spick and span for a long time.

Use the right cleaning stuff

Now this is really critical to the proper cleaning of an iPad. The cloth you use to clean the screen should not be rough, so buy a soft microfiber cloth that won’t damage the screen. Paper towels and dish cloths are just not what you need to clean up your iPad screen. Since paper towels are made of wood pulp they tend to scratch the screen. As for the cleaning solution, make sure it doesn’t contain ammonia or isopropyl alcohol.

Solutions with these ingredients can badly damage the display of your device. In fact, it’s best to buy a proper cleaning solution instead of making do with homemade stuff like a vinegar-vodka combination etc. Water is the best option, or else you can buy an iPad cleanser. In any case, don’t use alcohol, abrasives, solvents, aerosol sprays or household and window cleaners for this purpose.

Follow the process stringently

There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way of doing things. This applies to iPad cleaning as well. The process of iPad cleaning entails the following steps:

  • Switch off the device or put it on sleep mode before kick-starting the process
  • Wipe the dust clean in a gentle and circular motion with a dry microfiber cloth
  • Wipe again repeatedly with the cloth, using a bit of cleansing solution/water
  • Use compressed air to blow off the dust if needed

Be soft and gentle as you wipe the screen clean. Make sure you go about it with circular, even movements. Just put a small amount of water or cleaning solution on the cloth at a time, repeating the procedure if need be. And go about it methodically, starting at the same point and moving in the same direction each time.

Precautions to be taken

While cleaning the iPad screen, there are certain things you need to avoid to prevent the device from getting damaged.

  • Remove all external cords and unplug the iPad
  • Be careful not to scrub the screen
  • Don’t spray the cleanser directly on the screen
  • Don’t soak the cleaning cloth completely in water or solution
  • If using compressed air, ensure that it doesn’t leave moisture behind

The edges of the iPad should always remain free of moisture to the extent possible, since moisture can seep into the device from the edges.

Protection is better than cure

Though cleaning an iPad is not really difficult or complex if you do it right, remember that protection is always a better way of keeping your precious device in excellent condition. So you’d do well to buy a good case and a nice cover for your gadget. Find something that fits well but doesn’t obstruct the smooth use of the iPad. If the cover or case makes your iPad seem or feel hard to touch, it’s not the best thing.

Don’t go for a leather case as it never really fits perfectly, leaving space for the dust and grime to get in. A case fitted with padding would be good, as it would prevent the device from slipping out of your hands and would also provide better grip. A good quality case and cover may seem like an additional expense but it’s actually an investment that will facilitate longer life for your iPad.

Finally, the finish

Once your iPad is clean and sparkling, it’s time to give it a final finish. If you see some odd particles of dust still lying around on the screen, simply blow them away. There’s also the natural finish of the device that you’d definitely want to retain and maintain.

An iPad screen comes with oleophobic coating, which can be kept in good quality by regularly wiping away the dirt and smudges on it. The advantage of this coating, which didn’t exist in the older devices, is that it enables easy wiping of the screen.

Regularly cleaning up your iPad will also help prevent the dust and grime from piling up. If you allow the dust to accumulate on the screen removing it will become that much more difficult. That would mean some amount of scrubbing, thus causing abrasions on the screen and possible damage to the display.