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iPad Apps to Use at Your Next Conference

iPad Apps to Use at Your Next Conference

Having an iPad at your next conference or trade show will take your business to the next level. As a CEO or manager, you need to make sure that your representative has the tools to make the most of your company’s presence at the event, which is why most large companies choose to equip their table or booth representative with iPads.

By using the iPad, you are able to provide the presenter or even the audience with an interactive and engaging tool which has multiple uses for you and your company. An iPad at a trade show, however, is only as good as its apps. If you determine your goal, whether it be lead generation, audience education, or market research, you will be able to determine the proper apps to obtain that goal. Here are the top current apps for trade shows and conventions:

OnSpot Social is an app that captures email addresses and contact information. It allows you to collect visitor email, data, survey responses and feedback. The app allows users to easily follow your business on social media. It also allows you to brand the display with your company’s logo and other branding information. Pricing depends on frequency. A week (or single event plan) will run you around $49.99, while a year will cost you only $174.99.

Quick Tap Survey allows you to conduct surveys through your iPad. This can be used for market research or to gather feedback and qualify leads. Quick Tap Survey is unique because it is able to be run without the use of the internet, meaning that those expensive wifi charges or worse- the trade show where there is no wifi access- will not hinder your progress. Pricing runs anywhere from free to $99.00, depending on your frequency of usage and how many devices you will be utilizing.

CamCard is a business card scanning app, and is easy to use. The scanner can read business cards in multiple languages, which makes it the perfect solution for international events. In addition to scanning the business card, CamCard also has places to put notes so that you can remind yourself of details about your discussion with the person whose card you’ve scanned. You can then sync all of the info among your computer, email, and smartphone. The pricing ranges, starting with free plans. Cost is very contingent on usage, and they offer various payment scales.

Fasttax is great for trade shows. It’s a sales oriented application where you can display catalogs, sales presentations, and video footage. The app is specifically designed for iPad, and users can share the information. This app also works with or without internet connection, and even captures leads for you. This application is for business professionals with a strong presence, and costs around $6,000.00 per year.

Conference Pad is specifically for exhibitors, and uses the attendees and booth visitors own personal devices to interactively engage them. If the presenter is using Conference Pad, they can wirelessly share their presentation with up to 15 people at a time, which means they do not need to worry about purchasing or renting a large monitor to present. The presenter can even give and take control away from the user, allowing the user to zoom in or interact with the presentation for a moment before taking back control. This app is affordable at only $4.99.

If interaction is your goal, offer something fun with iPrizeWheel. Instead of transporting a large prize wheel with peeling paper from trade show to trade show, the digital iPrizeWheel allows you to have an interactive giveaway game at your booth that operates by touch screen. Attendees can come up to your booth and “spin” the wheel to win giveaways that you put into place. Since this wheel is iPad compatible, you can even bring the iPrizeWheel around to have other attendees who are not at your booth take a spin.

iForm Kiosk is a high security survey tool which is great for trade shows or conventions. Because it has strict security measures, you can ask personal information from your survey takers without fearing that their information will be at risk if something happens to your device. This app is free.

Renting an iPad, or multiple iPads, is an effective way to plan organized and interactive attractions for your conference or trade show. By elevating the interaction with the audience, you are allowing them to not only be attracted to your booth, but to learn about your company.

In addition, you gain valuable leads and market research information which can help you to advance your company or understand your customer better. Downloading some of these great conference applications a few days in advance to get familiar prior to the event will ensure that you present with confidence and get the most out of your conference or trade show.