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IPad Pro: Rumored Features and Spec

iPad Pro

Developed by Apple and manufactured byFoxconn Technology Group, IPad Pro is the biggest tablet ever made by Apple. It features a 12.9-inch screen that is perfect to watch a movie, or leaf through an e-newspaper. The body of the iPad is sturdy and well balanced. Even with such a huge display, it has a very slim and light design. It comes with an array of inbuilt everyday apps. The multi-touch technology is refined, and it has double the processor performance of iPad Air 2. Siri and Spotlight search are improved for optimal performance.

Apple Pencil for IPad Pro

The apple pencil is long and slender in design. It is very precise, making it ideal for drafting blueprints, painting, and sketching. There is virtually no lagging; the responsiveness of the pencil is very fast. The precise pressure sensors let you draw a thin line with a gentle touch, and a thick line by pressing the pencil down. By tilting the pencil, like you would a conventional pencil, you can create shading effects. A fully charged Apple pencil will give you twelve hours worth of usage. To charge the pencil, all you have to do is plug it into the iPad Pro. The pencil will give you thirty minutes of usage with a simple fifteen-second charging. Apple pencil does not come with iPad Pro as a free accessory, it is sold separately.

IPad Pro screen

IPad pro has a very advanced and unique retina display. The 12.9-inch screen gives 78% more display area when compared to iPad Air 2. With 5.6 million pixels, it has a very high-resolution display. The colors look incredibly vivid on the screen. IPad pro is ideal for 3D games and professional photo edition works. The multi-touch technology used enables exceptional responsiveness and precision. The improved on-axis contrast lets you see in better contrast when you look directly at the screen / display.

The Oxide TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology enables quick pixel charging and perfect brightness uniformity throughout the large canvas. The iPad Pro’s screen is very energy efficient, it identifies when the screen is static and cuts the refresh rate in half. The TCON or timing controller, which is the brain of the display, was custom designed by Apple to handle the extra resolution. The TCON controls the pixels at super-fast speeds.

Apple IPad Pro’s 4 speaker audio system

The innovative speakers of iPad Pro create a unique sound experience. Apple has machined the speaker housings directly into the body enclosure. It enables the speakers to provide more back volume. Compared to other iPads, the Pro has a wider range of frequency and 3 times more the output. The intelligent speaker system automatically identifies whether the iPad is in landscape or portrait view, to provide a vivid and well-balanced audio experience.

IPad Pro Smart Keyboard

The smart keyboard for iPad pro comes as a separate accessory. It can be folded and unfolded as per requirement. It can be used as a lightweight cover for the iPad pro. It is very durable. The smart keyboard is very thin, just four millimeters. The key feel is very satisfying. It is very stable and provides very accurate typing. One unique feature is that it has no gaps between keys. The keyboard is water resistant, as well as stain resistant. The keyboard does not have to be charged; you can attach it to the Pro and start using it. The new Smart Connector, an interface built by Apple, allows the smart keyboard to communicate with the iPad Pro seamlessly.

IPad Pro operating system

The iOS 9 was custom made for iPad pro. It is the world’s most secure, intuitive and advances mobile OS. It has very powerful multi-tasking features and essential / useful everyday apps. Features like Picture in Picture, Split View, and Slide Over makes multitasking on iPad Pro a breeze. Editing tools and the new Shortcut Bar helps you to compose text messages in no time. Multi-touch gestures allow you to select text, edit it, and move it conveniently.

Several of the everyday apps have enhanced features in iOS 9. For example, the app Notes lets you insert photos, web links, maps, and checklists. You can sketch on it using your finger. IOS 9 lets you work across devices, like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, effortlessly.

IPad Pro camera

The Pro has 2 cameras, the front-facing FaceTime HD camera, and the main rear iSight camera. The iSight camera is an 8 MP camera. It has enhanced facial recognition features. It also has a timer. It can record videos in 1080p HD mode. The camera has all the standard features like panorama view, tap to focus, zoom, geo-tagging, and so on, as well. The 1.2 MP FaceTime camera can capture video in 720p HD mode. It has timer mode, burst mode, and exposure control.

The new Apple iPad Pro has a lot of unique features that will it one of the most sought after devices in no time.