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Our Wishlist for Apple Watch

Apple Watch

You might probably find this a little surprising, but it’s been almost a year since the Apple Watch was introduced. Time sure does fly. However, despite the device being released so long ago, the truth is that most of us are clueless about how well it did in the market. Apple hasn’t released any official sales figures yet, which is quite strange considering that the tech giant loves talking about its product sales.

Sale estimates

There have been a few rough estimates provided by multiple sources that put the sales figure for the Apple Watch at 3 million for the month of June, 2015. Considering that the device was launched only in April, a sale of 3 million units in that short span of time is quite an achievement. Even the first iPhone took a month to sell just 1 million units.

But, the general consensus so far has been that most buyers will probably wait before they jump at the upcoming Apple Watch 2. This is primarily because the first Apple Watch was lacking in a lot of features that customers wanted, leaving many disappointed. Not many are willing to experience the same disappointment all over again.

The Apple Watch 2 will most likely go on sale in mid-2016 according to the rumor mill. What the watch is packing this time is still pretty much a mystery. However, there have been requests from many users and here is a wish list of sorts that, hopefully, Apple will pay attention to.

Include Android support and eliminate iPhone dependence

This is one of the most important requests that users have. The Apple Watch 1 was completely dependent on the iPhone. Without the iPhone for assistance, the watch really wasn’t all that great by itself. What users really want is the Apple Watch 2 to do everything that the iPhone does. In other words, they pretty much want the iPhone on their wrists.

Added to that, including support for Android would be great too. Google already provides support for iPhone on its Android Wear platform. This kind of integration really opens up doors for users to access several options and for manufacturers to gain entry into bigger markets. However, Apple doesn’t like breaking down the walls and we may never see this happening. But, it’s something the tech giant should think about.

More juice

The first Apple Watch had a huge drawback; it had a poor battery life. The Watch couldn’t even make it through the day. Unfortunately, that’s something Apple has very little control over. Battery technology has not yet evolved to a point where users can benefit from both, compact sizes and more power. However, Apple could work on the software and hardware part. The various components could be optimized so as to improve the battery life. Apple has always proven to be capable of this, so, it really shouldn’t be a big deal for these guys.

More design options

The present Apple Watch doesn’t have different design options. Both variants look exactly the same, except for the dimensions. On the other hand, Pebble smart watches and Android Wear offer much more to choose from in the design department. These designs also look better than what apple has to offer. Hopefully, Apple will take this into consideration. Users would love to choose between multiple shapes and sizes. Plus, there are several mock-ups on the web for Apple to gain inspiration from.

Improved storage

The first Apple Watch came with 8 gigs of storage. That’s not too bad for a watch that offered standard apps. But, rumors indicate that the Apple Watch 2 will have dedicated apps, unlike the first one that depended on iPhone synchronization. Dedicated apps will need more storage space and that is something that Apple will hopefully include in the new version. A bump up to 16 gigs would be ideal for now.

Siri needs to be updated

Siri is quite fast on the Apple Watch 1. However, once again, the dependence on data streaming via thee iPhone can make things complicated. An onboard version of Siri in the Apple Watch 2 would be refreshing change. However, for this to happen, there would be other components needed, which also happen to be on this wish list. This includes:

  • Built-In GPS and Cellular features: As of now, the Apple Watch needs to be paired with an iPhone to access the Internet. Hopefully, Apple will understand consumer needs and make the Apple Watch 2 a stand-alone device. That would require incorporating in-built cellular and GPS components. At the same time, these components need to be optimized in order to not affect the battery life. Hopefully, Apple will be able to do this.

More sensors

The present Apple Watch comes only with a heart rate monitor. Considering that better healthcare management is one of the top requirements that spawned the market for wearable technology, Apple must include more sensors. Ideally, sensors to track blood glucose levels, motion sensors to track workout sessions etc. would be great for a start.