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Ten Amazing Tips For iPad Users

Ten Amazing Tips For iPad Users

Apple launched its iPad way back in the year 2010, but since then it has never looked back as far as the customer base is concerned. Today, millions of customers from all across the globe have made iPad their preferred choice.

However, it always helps when you get to know your iPad even more thoroughly just like it is the case with any other product. No matter what model of iPad you have been currently using, if it relies on iOS 9 Operating System software, here are 10 really amazing tips that even the expert users of iPad would not be aware of. These tips would be also helpful to you if you are a beginner.

1. Changing your iPad’s wallpaper

Your iPad’s wallpaper can be easily changed on its home screen or the lock screen. You need to go to the “Wallpaper” from the “Settings” Tab and select the “Choose New Wallpaper” option. You can either browse through Apple’s list of inbuilt wallpapers or search for an image from your iPad’s photo library.

2. Managing your iPad’s storage

There may be times when you suddenly find that you cannot take any more snaps using your iPad. Or, it is refusing you to download an app. This might be happening, as the storage space of iOs is not expandable. So it is crucial for you to keep a tab on what is eating up the gigabytes on your iPad. Often, the biggest offenders that gobble up your iPad’s space are Photos and Camera and Music. In case you are using a service called Spotify or Apple Music, you would be able to delete your device’s Music cache so that space can be freed up. In case you have taken a backup of videos and photos to your Mac or PC, how about deleting them too?

3. Setting up location-based reminders

Do you want a reminder about doing something when you are about to leave your house, current location, work or for any contact in the address book? It is quite simple to get it done through the Reminders app of iOS. What happens if you need to get a reminder for purchasing something when you are shopping outside? You do not have to add that location in your device’s address book for getting that feature. Creating a reminder is easy, as you need to simply tap it and then use the relevant option for reminding you at a specific location.

4. Your iPad has the ability to read aloud

If you enable your iPad’s ‘Speak’ option, your device can read out to you loudly in any type of selectable text. You can also tweak the rate of speaking, and select from the available types of voices.

5. Your iPad’s Emoji keyboard can be enabled for availing access to special animal icons and special characters

Apple’s iPad has an Emoji keyboard that can let you add all types of hilarious images. In fact this device has the ability to speak out the names of these characters and symbols too. You might have seen many of these iconographic symbols and characters in emails and tweets and had often thought about how people could actually type them. It is also possible that you thought that a 3rd party app might have to be purchased for gaining access to these special symbols.

6. Multitasking on your iPad

The particular tip is exclusively meant for the recent variants of iPads. Features like the split view, picture-in-picture and slide over are ways of multi-tasking on your iPad.

7. Tap to go to top

This is an extremely timesaving feature in your iPad. Imagine that you are in the middle of Safari’s web page. You need to simply tap your iPad’s top bar to reach the top of that page. You can try out this trick also in other apps. This includes some of the 3rd party apps too. You must try this out.

8. Sharing your present location

It is simple to let your dear ones know about your current location with iOS at any specific time. This can be accomplished through various ways. You can also determine where you would like to share your current location, and also on Twitter and Facebook. Though, it is better not to share your location on the latter two places.

9. Removing recently stored addresses

There may be cases when you need to send a mail to a person only once as you need not be in contact with them again. In such cases, it is preferred to delete them from the recent address list.

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10. Click pictures using the volume button

Are you aware that photos can be taken by using one of the volume buttons? Since these buttons are conveniently located, they are very useful when you want to take pictures especially in landscape mode using your iPad.