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Ten More Fun and Useful Ways to Use an iPad


The iPad can do just about anything a full-sized computer can do and sometimes more. You may be surprised by just how many uses this versatile tablet actually has. In a previous post, we explored the top ten best uses for an iPad. Now let’s look at ten more fun and useful ways you can use an iPad.

Portable TV

A lot of cable providers now offer an app that will let you turn your iPad into a portable television so you can watch some of their shows live. Many broadcast channels also have their own apps, so you can catch up on a favourite show, even if you forgot to record it.

Edit Video and Photos

The iPad takes great pictures and, with the built-in editing features, you can easily edit them, too. Crop, brighten or bring out the best colour in your photos. Beyond the editing features of the photo app on your iPad, there are a number of great editing apps available at the App Store and lots of filters you can download to expand the Photos App.

The iPad can do a great job of editing video, too. If you’ve bought an iPad or iPhone in the last few years, the iMovie app is available for free. It comes with fun themes and templates in addition to basic video editing, so you can add music to your video or create a fictional movie trailer.

Share Photos and Video

The iCloud Photo Library includes shared albums, making it easy to create private photo and video albums that you can share with friends or family.

Make a Photo Album

For friends and family who aren’t very tech savvy, you can also create a photo album with the iPhoto app and have it professionally printed and shipped to you.

Scan Documents

You can actually use your iPad as a scanner. Scanner apps crop the photo so that just the document shows up and focuses the camera so that the text is legible. Some scanner apps can even fax the document or let you digitally sign it before printing it. Scanner Pro, Prizmo and Scanbot are three of the best iPad scanner apps.

Type Documents

Pcs aren’t the only way to do word processing. Pages and Microsoft Word are both excellent word processors available for the iPad. If typing on a touchscreen isn’t your thing, there are plenty of wireless keyboards and keyboard cases available for the iPad. It’s even possible to attach a regular wired keyboard to your iPad.

Voice Dictation

With Siri, you have the ability to dictate to the iPad and it isn’t limited to word processing apps or writing email. Use your voice to text or even search the web and anytime the iPad’s on-screen keyboard pops up, you can use your voice instead of your fingers.

Even if you need to dictate more than one sentence or create a document with multiple paragraphs, the iPad’s voice dictation can handle it.

You need a valid internet connection to use voice dictation, but using it on the iPad is as easy as one-two-three.

  1. On the iPad’s on-screen keyboard, tap the microphone button. This tells the iPad that you want to start dictating.
  2. Start talking. The iPad will record your voice and turn it into text when you’re finished.
  3. Tap the done button that appears onscreen to stop dictating. The iPad will turn your speech into words on the screen in a few seconds. Voice dictation isn’t perfect, so be sure to read it over as you may need to make a few adjustments using the keyboard.

Voice dictation is readily available any time the on-screen keyboard is available, so you never have to hunt around for it when you really need it.

Siri as Personal Assistant

Siri makes a first-rate personal assistant. She can be used to set reminders and schedule events and meetings. Siri can even help you get reservations at your favourite restaurant, retrieve the latest sports scores, work as a timer or an alarm, answer questions, send text messages and emails and update your Facebook or Twitter account.


Businesses are using the iPad in increasing numbers. One of its most popular uses is as a point-of-sale device, with a number of great services that allow you to take credit card payments or payments through PayPal. Also, with Microsoft Office on the iPad, you can use your tablet for spreadsheets and presentations. Business uses for the iPad are steadily growing.

Second Monitor

You can use your iPad as a second, or even third, monitor for your laptop or desktop PC through apps like Duet Display and Air Display. These apps work by connecting with a software package you download to your PC that then sends the video signal to your iPad.