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The Cons of Having an Outdated iPad

Outdated iPad

An iPad has become a part of our everyday life. iPads are used in the field of medicine, education, business, entertainment, manufacturing, and so on. The latest apps available in the Apple store can help you with your everyday chores, as well as, to make important business decisions.

However, these new apps may not be compatible with your old iPad. In terms of performance, the new iPads are way better than the old ones. Following are some of the main issues that your old iPad may face in comparison with the new updated ones.

1. Performance issues

If your iPad is running slower than usual, constantly, then it indicates that you need to upgrade your iPad. Most of the new apps available in Apple Store are programmed to run with the latest hardware. If you try to run these apps in your iPad, it will either make your system very slow, or you will get a hardware incompatible message. The existing apps in your iPad usually get updated once in a while.

The new updates are usually programmed to work with the latest hardware.

If your iPad does not have the latest hardware, those apps will also make your system slow. In case the updates are not applied to those apps, it will affect the stability of the apps. Also, these apps will be missing the new features. Operating systems iOS7 and iOS8 are not compatible with the original iPad. Old iPads are more susceptible to malware and viruses as well.

2. Incompatible accessories

If you are not able to find genuine Apple accessories in the market for your iPad, then it is time to upgrade your iPad. For example, you are in the market searching for a genuine Apple charger for your iPad because your old one has worn out, and you are not able to find one. Also, you are not able to find a suitable case or a screen protector for your iPad. Same is the case with speakers and docking stations. All this indicates that your iPad is out of date. The new iPads have better accessories. The chargers are compact, the battery will be charged quickly, the speakers have enhanced audio features, docking stations are compact, and so on.

3. Battery power running down quickly

If your iPad drops charge within five hours after a full recharge, then you need to upgrade your iPad. Ideally, it should last for ten hours. That is the specification for a new Li-Po battery. Li-Po batteries are used in iPads. Batteries degrade as time passes. Extreme cold and heat temperatures can also adversely affect the life of a battery.

4. Display errors

If your iPad is having trouble detecting gestures and touch or if there is a problem with the display, then it is time to upgrade your iPad. Without a fully / properly working touch-sensitive display, you will not be able to use your iPad. A display with cracks or scratches will not respond to touch gestures properly. Also, with time, an iPad can end up with stuck or dead pixels, just like any other LCD-based display. When you are having issues with the display of your iPad, it is always better to get a new iPad than trying to repair it.

5. Hardware buttons unresponsive

With time, the hardware buttons like rotation switch and volume controls can become unresponsive. This can be caused because of the hardware buttons wearing out or an issue with the hardware itself. In this case also, it is better to get a new iPad.

6. Missing camera

If your iPad does not have a camera, then it is time to upgrade your iPad. The original iPad (released in 2010) did not feature a camera. All the models after that have a camera. A camera is a pretty essential item in today’s world. So getting a new iPad means, you do not have to spend money for a new camera.

7. Running out of Disk space

Most of the new iPad versions have a bigger hard disk capacity than the old ones. New operating systems and apps need more space to function properly. If your iPad is running out of space to store files or install a new app, then consider upgrading your iPad. The iPads today are available in 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models.

It is harder to get older iPads serviced. It is expensive, and it will only get more expensive. Also, it is very difficult to get the necessary parts for old iPads. If your old iPad has a serious issue, then getting it fixed will most likely cost you an arm and a leg. A new iPad is expensive, as well. The best option is to rent a new one. You will not only get an iPad with more features, but also one that is compatible with the latest apps in the Apple Store.