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Collect Important Data on the Go with an iPad

Imagine being able to collect data as you go, without the hassles of handling bundles of paper. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Whether you are a researcher on the go, a marketing professional or a teacher wishing to collect data in real time, renting an iPad is the ideal next step for you. When you need an iPad for temporary use, you can rely on us to offer iPad rental solutions that best suit you.

Data Collection Made Easy with iPad Apps

The iPad is lighter than the laptop, but performs all the functions that your laptop or desk computer does. The tablet can be carried anywhere and supports a number of survey and data collection apps available on the App Store. Just tell us know what your iPad rental requirements are and we will pre-install the necessary apps to make data collection as easy as possible for you.

Custom survey forms or questionnaires can also be installed on the rental iPad, so that the user is able to collect essential data in as little time as possible. Not only that, the latest iPads also support 3G connectivity, which means you can access high speed internet wherever you are, and share or stream the collected data in real time.

Text, Click, Shoot

Data collection is essential for research in any field. The information collected can be in the form of text, images or even videos. With the iPad as the data collection device, you can collect data in not only text but also in image and video formats for better analysis. Use the built-in iPad camera to click pictures or shoot videos that can complement your research data.

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