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Learning Made Fun - Using an iPad for Education

The iPad is a versatile device used for entertainment, communication and even business purposes. But did you know that it can make an excellent educational tool? We provide rental iPads with pre-loaded textbooks and educational apps especially for students and teachers.

Modern Textbook

Why carry bulky textbooks when you can put them all in the lighter iPad 3 or iPad mini? The Apple tablet doubles as an eReader and allows easy access to textbook content with the flick of your finger. Students can read text, access photo galleries, and even view 3D representations of images from the books. Rent an iPad with pre-loaded books you need for school, for just a faction of the price you would otherwise pay for them.

Information at Finger Tips

There are a number of educational apps like iBooks and iTunes for the iPad that encourage hands-on learning and nurture creativity. Students can access the information and files from their library at any time they want, regardless of where they are using the 3G connectivity and iCloud storage facility.

A Digital Classroom

Science, math, literature… whatever you choose, you will find an app that offers interactive lessons for you in that subject. The Apple store has over 2000 educational apps which we can install for you in the rental iPad. Apps for taking notes, tracking assignments and creating study plans etc are available for students. Teachers on the other hand, can use apps that allow them to plan, organize and implement their lesson plans as scheduled.

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Whether you are a student or a teacher, you can make learning more fun with an iPad. Tells us what textbooks or apps you need to make the iPad the perfect device for learning, and we will get them installed for you. Contact us today and we can discuss more about your iPad rental requirements.