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Using iPads for Efficient Election Campaign Management

An election campaign means a lot of work. The campaign office is filled with party workers and volunteers alongside a number of telephones, computers and a lot of papers. When you have an election campaign to manage, whether it is at the provincial level or national level, we can offer as many iPads as you want for rent. Replacing sheets of paper with iPads enables campaign managers to better collect, organize and analyze data and to improve the overall efficiency of a campaign.

Reduce Hassles of Managing Paper Sheets

Surveys and door-to-door campaigns are an integral part of an election campaign. Collecting data through personal interaction with the general public will give the campaign workers an idea about the types of voters there are and what their expectations are. Using rental iPads, party workers can visit different areas in the constituencies and collect relevant and valuable information without the hassles of carrying sheets of papers, which are hard to manage and can be easily lost.

When you have an iPad, you will be able to collect data as well as store it and categorize it easily from wherever you are.

Different iPad Models to Choose From

The number of iPads you need for canvassing, surveying etc during an election campaign can be very high. A handful or tens of iPads are not enough. You may need hundreds of them. iPads are expensive and purchasing so many of them can be a waste of election funds. We offer a wide range of iPad models for you to choose from for temporary use, meaning you can reduce your costs significantly. Depending on the use, your budget and who will be using them, you can rent the iPad generation 1, the iPad2, iPad 3, iPad gen 4 or iPad Mini.

Even though the older models of the iPad are no more available for sale, we have a good number of them in stock as they are not only fully functional and capable of basic tasks as the latest iPads, they are also less expensive. We also offer iPad accessories like docks, card readers, keyboards and video adapters for rent.

An App for Everything

What makes an iPad preferable to a laptop is the number of apps there are for it. Renting an iPad enables you to use the many election and campaigning-related apps to stay updated, keep a track of the popularity of candidates, check poll results etc.

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