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Using an iPad for Interactive Meetings

Meetings often produce the best results when the knowledge and expertise of every person in the room are brought together. When a large number of people gather for a meeting, there is less interaction and more of chaos. The good news is that you can make every meeting and conference, big or small, interactive and fruitful by using iPads and collaborative meeting apps designed especially for the tablet.

Tell us where the meeting is and how many iPads you need, and we will deliver the tablets with pre-installed interactive apps to the desired venue right on time.

Meetings Need Not Be Boring

Meetings tend to be boring events where a select few speak and the others impassively listen. Or, they could be fun and interactive with every participant getting an opportunity to speak out and be heard. This is possible with an iPad, combined with interactive meeting and presentation apps that enable the participants to communicate with each other and also the entire audience without any interference.

If you are chairing the meeting and wish to make it a bit more lively, you could try incorporating an interactive game or an app on the iPads, to inspire creativity among the participants. The same concept can also transform a conference or large event into something more enjoyable for the participants, and more productive for the organizers.

What Can An iPad Do?

Rent an iPad or iPads for your next meeting and use the interactive meeting applications to collaborate your ideas with others’. With an iPad and the appropriate meeting apps, you can.

  • Highlight critical issues to be discussed
  • Brainstorm
  • Share feedback
  • Conduct surveys
  • Respond to participants’ questions and comments

The next time you plan a meeting or a conference, we will deliver the required number of iPads preloaded with interactive business apps, wherever you want them.

Contact us today and we can further discuss your iPad rental requirements.