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iPad Pro and the New iOS11

iPad Pro and the New iOS11 Rental

iPad Pro is a powerful way to work, play and learn. When you combine the iPad Pro with iOS 11, you make it even more powerful and personal. iOS 11’s new features and capabilities bring iPad Pro to life like never before, letting you get more done more quickly and easily and making it an extraordinarily powerful and personal experience.

iOS is already the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iOS 11 sets a new standard to make iPad Pro even more capable. It opens up the iPad to amazing possibilities for amplified reality in games and apps. iPad Pro is the most powerful, personal and intelligent device it’s ever been, thanks to iOS 11.

iOS 11 Features

  • Camera capabilities – Using the stunning Retina display and powerful cameras on iPad Pro, you can digitally redecorate your home or explore a city you’ve never been to.
  • Dock is new – Dock is now available in any app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen; store all your favourite apps there
  • Files is new – The new Files app brings all your files together, so you can easily browse, search and organize all in one place;also works with cloud services like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box
  • New-look app switcher – The app switcher now sits next to the Control center, which also has a new design
  • Easier to multi-task – iOS 11 makes multi-tasking easier and more intuitive; open a second app right from the Dock and both apps remain active in Slide Over as well as Split View
  • Drag and Drop – Drag and Drop was designed for the large multi-touch display of iPad Pro and allows you to move text, photos and files from one app to another
  • Improves Apple Pencil – Using iOS 11, you can sketch, draw or write directly alongside text in Notes with the Apple Pencil; tap on your iPad Pro’s Lock screen with the Apple Pencil and write a note instantly; make precise edits to complex documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Document Scanner – Notes new Document Scanner automatically senses and scans a document, crops the edges and removes any glare or tilt
  • Improved Keyboard – Letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks are now all on the same keyboard, so there’s no more switching back and forth
  • Handwriting Recognition – The Notes app recognizes handwriting and translates it into plain text

iOS 11 represents a significant update. You’ll be able to do a lot more on the iPad Pro than ever before and it may not be long before the iPad becomes a practical alternative to a laptop.