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Rent iPad Kiosks for Your Next Company Event

iPad Kiosk

iPads have become indispensable at trade shows and company events. As an interactive tool, this Apple tablet is hard to beat. It is a functional addition to any booth or display area, allowing businesses to demo products, getting visitors to sign up for newsletters or free PDFs via email or online sign-up sheets, and requesting guests to participate in surveys or quizzes with just a few taps on the iPad screen.

But how do you set up one or more iPads for display at your booth or venue? Here’s where kiosk stands from come in handy. We offer iPad kiosk rentals for events of all type and scale.

Three Reasons to Rent an iPad kiosk

Provide security: Mount your iPad onto the kiosk stand and enclose it within the security case. The device will be stable and convenient to use. Scratches and cracks resulting from falls (a risk if you are carrying the iPad around and it’s exchanging hands very often) are kept at bay. Importantly, the device is secured against theft, giving you peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your show/event.

Enhance aesthetics: Kiosk stands from are slim and unobtrusive, enhancing the look and feel of your booth or event venue.

Grab attention: iPad kiosks do a good job of capturing visitors’ attention. You can use them for guest registrations, surveys, information feeds and more. If audience polling and survey is on the agenda, we can preload your rental iPads with survey and audience response software.

Buying a kiosk stand is an expensive proposition. Meet your event goals without choking your marketing budget by renting kiosks from

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