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Market Research Made Easy with iPads

Market research involves collection and management of huge amounts of data. For a long time, research data was entered on sheets of paper which could be carried around easily. But then, managing hundreds of sheets is a hassle. So researchers replaced paper with computers and laptops. Then again, carrying PCs or laptops around with you is not easy. What do you do then? Simple – you rent an iPad and use it not only to collect and store data but also to analyze it.

We offer different models of iPads for rent across major cities of Canada.

Data Collection and Organization Made Easy

Businesses and other organizations conducting market research need to investigate number of things to understand their target audience. Several factors like the demographics, geographical location, culture, interests etc of the audience should be considered for segregation of data. When data is on sheets of paper, this segregation can take a lot of time.

But when you use an iPad, not only can you collect and store data for research in a safe manner, but you can also share it with other members of your research with just a few clicks. Renting an iPad is better than buying when you need it for temporary research purposes.

Use iPad Apps for Analysis of Data

There are a number of research-oriented apps on the Apple store which you can use to segregate and analyze data. You can use more than one app to analyze the data and compare the results to see if they are accurate. Not only that, you can also look up other users using research-related apps to figure which would be the best for the kind of analysis you wish to perform. If you do not want to buy an iPad for a small part of your research, you can always rent one.

Reduce Costs by Renting iPads

Market research is important no matter how big or small the company is. When you cannot invest in purchasing iPads for your research team, you can always rent them out. With the money needed to buy one iPad, you can rent out half a dozen of them for a short period. So if you need an iPad for a short-term research project, contact us and we will arrange it for you in no time. Not only can we give you the latest iPads, we will also equip them with the apps that you require for your market research.

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