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Using an iPad for Product Launches

Product launches are among the most important corporate events, for they provide a platform through which the entire world is notified about a company’s latest offering. You can make this important event a big success by using iPads to announce your new product in a creative way. offers quick and reliable iPad rental solutions that meet your requirements in every way.

Leave an Impression

Want to impress your audience with your new product? Present it to them in an innovative way, using the impressive iPad from Apple. Choose from the latest models of the tablet to create an iPad video wall that features appealing and informative images and videos of your product. You can also have independent iPad kiosks at the venue, allowing your audience to learn all about the product on their own.

Rent a few iPads or rent them in bulk, depending on your requirements. Tell us where you want them and how you want them, and our tech team can get the kiosks and video walls arranged as per your requirements.

Engage Your Audience

The highly responsive touch screen technology used in the iPad makes it an attractive device to use. Install independent iPad kiosks pre-loaded with customized games, quizzes and questionnaires relevant to your new product or concept and indulge your audience in interactive programs. The more your engage them, the better they will remember your product and why they should invest in it.

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Need iPads for your next product launch? Let take care of it. We will preload the iPads with the necessary questionnaires, games and other apps and deliver them to the desired venue on the date and time specified by you. We will also set up the iPad kiosks wherever you need them.

Talk to us today about your iPad rental requirements, and we guarantee we have a solution for you.