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Montreal iPad Rental Services

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and home to the Bell Center, one of the busiest sporting and entertainment arenas in Canada. If you often visit the city to host or attend business conventions, trade shows or other events, renting an iPad instead of carrying your bulky laptop everywhere can be a great idea.

An iPad is lightweight and offers greater mobility, which makes it the perfect companion during your trade show, marketing and other business events. Make use of our Montreal iPad rental services today to us the latest, advanced iPads at your meetings. You could choose from different versions of the tablet, based on your needs and your budget. Rent an iPad for personal use or hire them in bulk at a competitive price, for training programs, conferences or any other events that you host.

With, you also get round the clock technical support, no matter where you are. Our team can deliver your tablets to the venue of your choice, be it the conference rooms of Holiday Inn Montreal or a premium venue like Loews Hotel Vogue.

Rent the iPad for a day, a week or even for a month, depending on how long or short the event is. Go for long-term lease of the tablets and take advantage of our extremely competitive prices.

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