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Use an iPad for Sales Presentations

First impression always matters. And that is why it pays to be prepared before you make a sales presentation. Whether you are making your sales pitch to a boardroom full of top execs, or to an individual client, rent an iPad to showcase your presentation and get a 100% of your audience’s attention.

Apps to Create the Perfect Sales Presentation

There are a number of apps that you can install on the iPad to create the perfect sales presentation. Tell us which apps you need and we will have them installed on your rental iPad. We can also recommend apps that enable you or your sales team to build presentations to showcase your product in a focused and remarkable way.


Put your sales presentation on the iPad and improvise it on the go. An iPad is way smaller and lighter than a laptop is just what you need to work on your presentation wherever you are. With the 3G connectivity of the iPad, you can also access content and apps that are needed to build an impressive presentation.

Showcase the Presentation

If you have an audience of more than five, use your iPad to project your presentation on a bigger screen. Or you could use it as a remote and have better control on how you showcase it. Our tech team can optimize the presentation for better viewing on a small or large screen, however you need it.

Interact and Engage

Make your sales presentations more engaging and interactive by turning your rental iPad into a whiteboard. We can install apps that can convert the iPad into an interactive, electronic whiteboard that can be used to take notes during brainstorming or feedback sessions, and even save the data directly to your iPad.

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