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Using an iPad for Surveys and Collecting Data

The iPad is a resourceful electronic device. Among the many other things that you can do with an iPad, you can also use it to collect data. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Consider that you are holding a seminar and the room is jam packed. When you finish the seminar, wouldn’t you want know whether the seminar was successful or not? Feedback from the participants can help you understand if the seminar has been beneficial to them. The traditional way of doing this is by passing around feedback forms. But if you have an iPad, why not use the iPad instead?

Making the most of an iPad

You can pass the iPad around, and ask the participants to rate the event on a pre-decided scale. You may find that the participants are more inclined to give feedback this way, because using an iPad to enter data is a lot faster and more interesting. The feedback so received, is also likely to be more accurate.

You can use also your iPad to collect data when you are on the field, during a conference or a trade show and you will not have the hassle of distributing or collecting forms.

There are a number of applications that allow you to do so. These applications are not factory installed into the iPad and you may have to download one from the many options available. Here are a few data collection apps that can help you take iPad surveys.


QuickTabSurvey from TabbleDabble Inc. is one of the best iPad compatible survey software. You can use it for market research, customer feedback, audits, surveys, forms, and lead capture. The App can also be used offline.

There are four versions of the software – Free, Basic, Advanced, and Expert. The free version allows you to conduct one single survey, of 50 questions with a sample of 50 people. The Expert version costs $99 to be installed on one iPad. It will cost you $29, to install it on additional devices. The expert version gives you a host of features. You can conduct unlimited surveys and have as many as 500 questions per survey with the Expert version.


SurveyPocket from SurveyAnalytics is another popular iPad survey software. If you are already using the SurveyAnalytics platform on your computer, you can transfer the surveys you have conducted to your iPad once you install this app. You can also add your company logo to the software. The format of the app is fully customizable and it offers support for more than 75 languages. SurveyAnalytics offers a free evaluation license for 7 days. All features are enabled and if you like what the app offers, you can then buy the complete version.