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Rent an iPad for the Next Tradeshow

Of all the equipment is used at a tradeshow, the iPad is the coolest and the most versatile one. An iPad is an excellent device that can be used for individual product demonstrations and other interactive programs you conduct at a trade show. We offer quick delivery of rental iPads prepped for tradeshows, wherever you are across Canada.

Product Demonstrations

Renting an iPad for product demonstrations at trade shows is a great way to showcase your offerings to every visitor that walks into your booth. Rent as many iPads as you need for a fraction of their price, and impress potential clients by showing them product related videos, photo galleries and interactive 3D model on the iPad.

Engage Your Clients

The iPad’s highly responsive touch screen technology makes it a great device to engage your clients. Install an iPad kiosk at the next tradeshow to keep your visitors busy with quizzes and other interactive tools, and in the process, inform them about your product.

You could also use your product or service in a customized game that entertains and also educates your customers about your offerings.

Collect Data

Which would be a better idea – having the clients fill a form on the iPad, or on a piece of paper? Installing an iPad kiosk for enquiries is a smart way to encourage visitors to share their contact information. Also, an iPad enables your staff to collect customer data in once place, and reduces the burden of having to collect and carry bundles of enquiry forms back to the office.

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If you want to engage and impress your visitors at a tradeshow in any of the above mentioned ways, renting an iPad might be just the solution for you. We deliver rental iPads on time, to wherever your tradeshow is. Contact us today to know more about our iPad rental solutions for tradeshows and exhibitions.