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Using an iPad as an Instructional Tool for Training

The iPad is the most versatile of tablets, which makes it highly useful for a number of activities including classroom training. Using an iPad for training, instead of conventional training methods, is an excellent idea as it allows the facilitator to make the session more interactive and interesting.

If you are a corporate trainer and travel too often, renting an iPad for training is a great idea. Even if your training sessions are limited to the corporate training rooms in your office, you can be more efficient when you use an iPad to instruct in the classroom.

Replace the Bulky Computer with an iPad

Corporate training is not the same as classroom teaching. Training sessions usually involve presentations and videos that the facilitator uses to teach or educate his audience about a topic. In a normal classroom setting, where there isn’t much space to move, using a laptop to control the slides or the videos seems practical.

But when you are addressing a large group in a setting like an auditorium or a convention hall, an iPad gives you the flexibility to move away from the screen or dais and still be able to control the presentation or video from wherever you are.

Prepare On the Move

Training and development professionals often have to prepare presentations at short notice. Working on your laptop when on the move may not always be comfortable. But with a portable and lightweight device as the iPad, you can work anywhere and anytime. With our iPad rentals, you can obtain the device for temporary use across all major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal among others in Canada and Atlanta, New York and Seattle in the US.

Make an Impression

The importance of technology in the field of training and development cannot be stressed enough. Thanks to the advances in video and audio tech, trainers can use interesting animations, videos, audio clips and other interactive elements to make training more effective, enabling the audience to learn better and do better at their work place. There are a number of apps you can use for this purpose when you choose an iPad for your trainings. You can also rent multiple iPads for your participants to facilitate interactive learning. iPad removes the need for equipping students with bulky laptops or stationery like books and pens.

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